World of Honey

​In 2011, I launched World of Honey to introduce my all natural, sodium (salt) free spice blend - Ms V's Spice is Nice One Step Seasoning. This was after making and selling it for over twenty years. I have had a great run, helped a lot of people realize and understand the benefits of taking stock in their own health and have gathered a wonderful group of followers, who are my repeat customers.

Like the many food industries who have taken a serious look at the high levels of sodium in our foods, especially in ketchup, canned goods, fast food industries, restaurants, frozen, breads and other daily products we buy, it's time to take charge of your health.  But after nearly 29 years of sharing something that was for my personal health, I am going to enjoy my time (RETIRED). However, for those who have stayed in constant contact with me as customers, you know how to reach me. I will always try to respond to you...unless I am on the road.

​You can continue to purchase Ms V's Spice is Nice (Sodium Free) One Step Seasoning at  Remember you can use it on your beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey, fish, salad, tuna fish, seafood or use it as a marinade.  It's even excellent on any and all vegetables, greens, potatoes, eggs, pasta, rice, grits, or even your beans or peas.  So, why not take one step toward good health.

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                   Thank you for supporting me and your feedback is always welcome on the website or Facebook. 

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I continue to receive positive feedback from people using the sodium free seasoning. I would love to hear what you have tried it on and for those repeat customers, what different things have you done - look forward to hearing from you.