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What Time Is It?
A Visual Learning Tool for Telling Time

‚Äč‚ÄčTired of children telling time with digital assistance?  Visit -   Book orders can be made by calling 888-280-7715.  Orders of 50 or more qualify for a discount.  Learning should be fun, and that's what the author had in mind with What Time Is It?A Visual Learning Tool .The book helps children count from 1 to 12; learn their quarter increments; learn to count by five's; and count up to 60, while they learn how to tell time.  You can also "ADD TO CART" through Paypal - $15.50 shipping/handling.

What Time is It?A Visual Learning Tool has also been adopted by the State of California's Department of Education for another six years as a single subject curriculum from kindergarteners through eighth graders.  Visit the Department's adopted website:

In 2008, What Time is It? was also awarded Best Educational Children's Book by the Northern California Publishers and Authors.
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