World of Honey

Honey Savoy spent many years in the corporate environment; however, after several layoffs she found herself revamping her career based on the economy.  In 2004, challenged with the changing times, she obtained her real estate broker's license.  Unfortunately, the real estate industry tanked from the enormous greed imposed upon innocent buyers and home owners, who refinanced their homes from programs they could not afford.  That left her, once again, redefining her career.

In 2007, with her grandsons returning home from Germany, she self-published a book on telling time so she would have some academic stimuli with them.  She later teamed up with a modeling troupe for models over 40 for a couple of years.  But long before Honey's adventures, she was blending spices, which was initially in preparation of her children going away to college in 1992.  Since then, the once low in sodium seasoning is now sodium free with a fresh new label in 2011.

There is always a journey for Honey.  She is in collaboration on yet another book endeavor - she will keep you posted.  So check in from time-to-time!

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