World of Honey
World of Honey introduces you to an all natural, sodium (salt) free spice blend - Ms V's Spice is Nice One Step Seasoning; it also offers a visual learning tool for telling time; a workbook designed to showcase in four basic steps analog time for early learning - What Time Is It?

Many food industries have taken a serious look at the high levels of sodium in our foods, especially in ketchup, canned goods, fast food industries, and other daily products we buy.  It's time to take charge of your health.  You can start here at World of Honey and try
Ms V's Spice is Nice One Step Seasoning.  Use on your beef, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, seafood or use it as a marinade.  It's even excellent on any and all vegetables, potatoes, eggs, pasta, rice, grits, or even your beans.  This is your opportunity to take one step toward good health.

What Time Is It? A Visual Learning Tool for Telling Time attempts to preserve the basic concept of telling time.  The workbook offers a certificate of accomplishment at the end of each section to give encouragement.

I recently co-authored a children's book on finance called "My 1st Investment Book - The ABC's of Investment".​​ See the Early Learning page for more information.

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I continue to receive positive feedback from people using the sodium free seasoning. I would love to hear what you have tried it on and for those repeat customers, what different things have you done - look forward to hearing from you.